Exploring Tourism in Hungary
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Hungary Popular Places to Visit

Visegrád-town Of Three Kingdoms

Visegrád-town Of Three Kingdoms The town of Visegrád is located on the no.11 main road, 43 km north of Budapest. It can be accessed by car or bus using this main road, or by boat on the Danube. At MAHART boat station a scheduled boat service and pleasure boat service is operating. From Nagymaros direction the ferry connection provides the passenger and

Esztergom-crowning City Of Hungary

  Esztergom-crowning City Of Hungary The Ister-Granum Euroregion is situated at the crossroads of the wander ways of nations and cultures, at the heart of Central Europe, also the middle of Europe. This picturesque area is the land of kings, scientists, and artists where three rivers, the Danube, the Hron, and the Ipoly join their waters. Nature and history shaped a peerlessly exciting

Budakeszi Wildlife Reserve

The park is situated on the border between Budapest and Budakeszi. In this area, the dominant north-westerly winds blow fresh air to the forests of the community. Thus the forests of the valleys at the edge of Budapest, surrounding Budakeszi are of special importance. Not very long ago the area used to be a recreational place for famous people. Signs

Szalajka Valley

  This popular hiking destination is situated 25 km from Eger and 160 km from Budapest, at the bottom of Bükk Mountains, in the vicinity of Szilvásvárad in Heves County. The Valley itself belongs to Egererdő Forestry Company, and its environmental protection is managed by Bükk National Park. Surrounded by a medium-sized mountain range, the valley took the name Szalajka after

Kalocsa- The Town Of Paprika And Kalocsa Embroidery

Kalocsa- the town of paprika and kalocsa embroidery Our town is a real, lovely little town by River Danube where the air is clean and you can take a sightseeing tour by bike, learn about handcraft, immerse in local traditions, admire the treasure collected by the archbishops over a thousand years and also have a rest tasting delicious paprika dishes, as

Mohács-the Home Of Busó Carnival

Mohács-the home of busó carnival The Busójárás is an annual celebration of the Šokci living in the town of Mohács, Hungary, held at the end of the Carnival season, ending the day before Ash Wednesday. The celebration features Busós (people wearing traditional masks) and includes folk music, masquerading, parades and dancing. Busójárás lasts six days, usually during February. It starts on

Baja-the Town Of Fishsoup

Baja - The town of Fishsoup   The second biggest city of Bács-Kiskun county is located 167 km from Budapest, with almost 40 thousand inhabitants.  The city is an important traffic hub. By car, from the direction of Budapest on route 51, from Kecskemét on route 54, and from Szeged on route 55. By train Baja is accessible on the line of Bátaszék

Forest Of Gemenc

  Gemenc is a unique forest that is found between Szekszárd and Baja, in Hungary. This is the only remaining tidal area of the Danube in Hungary. The wood's fauna include stags, boars, storks, grey herons, gyrfalcons, meadow eagles, and kites. Various amphibians and reptiles can also be found. The stag population has worldwide fame, since its genetic stock is outstanding,

Villány-winery Centre

Villány-winery centre   The southernmost, almost sub-mediterranean wine region located on the hills surrounding Villány and Siklós is settled with around 2000 acres of vineyards. Around Siklós mostly white grapes are cultivated, while in Villány, blue types are common. Of the wines of Villány it is said that “among our red wines, the ones from Villány are like an ancient oak among

Szigliget Fortress

  The settlement existed in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Celtic, Roman and Avar archaeological finds were discovered in the vicinity. The ruins of a parochial church, built in the 12th century, can be seen. Until 1822 the area was an island in the Lake Balaton. The island was connected to the mainland in 1822 by rearrangement of the bank-dams around