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Baja-the Town Of Fishsoup

Baja, Hungary

Baja - The town of Fishsoup


The second biggest city of Bács-Kiskun county is located 167 km from Budapest, with almost 40 thousand inhabitants. 
The city is an important traffic hub. By car, from the direction of Budapest on route 51, from Kecskemét on route 54, and from Szeged on route 55. By train Baja is accessible on the line of Bátaszék –Baja –Kiskunhalas.
The city is blessed with wonderful natural treasures, which lend it a special attraction. The Danube and its tributary, Sugovica attract here fans of water sports, hiking and angling. There are about forty buildings of monumental and cityscape importance in the city. The city of forty thousand has been home to Hungarian, German, Serbian and Croatian ethnic groups for several centuries. The buildings and the traditions of Baja will always preserve this diversity.
The Baja Festival - Baja Fish Feast heritage event attracts a huge number of tourists, in the feast there are several thousand people cooking the famous fish soup of Baja at the same time. Year by year several thousand visitors taste this world famous soup and the wines of the region, both in the fish feast and in the restaurants. The music life of the city is enriched by two enthusiastic amateur choirs: Franz Liszt Choir and Ad Libitum Choir, as well as several tambura orchestras. There are organ concerts held 8 times a year in the two churches located downtown, in Saint Peter and Saint Paul Churches of Downtown as well as in the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua, in the series of events titled DOWNTOWN ORGAN NIGHTS.


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