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Budakeszi Wildlife Reserve

Budakeszi, Hungary

The park is situated on the border between Budapest and Budakeszi. In this area, the dominant north-westerly winds blow fresh air to the forests of the community. Thus the forests of the valleys at the edge of Budapest, surrounding Budakeszi are of special importance. Not very long ago the area used to be a recreational place for famous people. Signs used to advertise the privilege of the crowned few - "Forbidden crown land!"

The Budakeszi Wildlife Park was opened to the public in 1979, the International Children's Year. The 327 hectares are fenced in. The Pilis Forest Park Corporation established a "public utility" organization for the management of the central area of Wildlife Park in 1997. In these almost 26 hectares, one can find the public parking lot, rest area, fire pits, wildlife showing area, and the starting point for the various trails.

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