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Hajdúszoboszló-eastern Spa Capital

Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary



Hajdúszoboszló-Eastern spa capital



Hajdúszoboszló is the most well known bath-city of the Hungarian Great Plain – its main attraction its bathing complex with its famous spa, open-air bath, Aquapark and the Aqua-Palace. The bathing complex offers unforgettable adventures throughout the year to its recuperating and recreating guests and to families of any size.
The first establishment of the bath – which may be visited in our days as well – opened its gates to the visitors on July 26, 1927.
From the start till our days
The establishment in the beginning was only suitable for bathing, but already at that time the initiative was started, which established the foundations of the future of curing under medical supervision. Scientific examination of the thermal water certified that the composition of the sea located below Hajdúszoboszló is extraordinarily unique.The opinion of well known researches reflects this. „The water of Hajdúszoboszló is unique in its class. Waters of similar composition and temperature are unknown” – said Dr. János Bodnár (1889-1953) chemical professor, while according to Dr. Zoltán Dalmady (1880-1934)„The water of Hajdúszoboszló can be considered to be a five times diluted sea water, and it is nothing else, but the recalled ghost of the sea of the Triassic Age”. Since the opening of the open air bath in 1927 the spa changed significantly. Thanks to continuous developments, there are three covered pools of different temperatures at present, while in the open air there are four additional pools equipped with specific adventure elements awaiting the guests. Thanks to the comprehensive reconstruction of year 2002 the complete building was fully renewed. The renewal of the building of the spa, the extension of the treatment rooms and the establishment of the resting sites provide ideal conditions for the full recreation and recuperation of the guests.
Composition of the thermal water, areas of its utilisation
Recuperation that may be experienced upon applying the thermal water is due to the composition of the spa of Hajdúszoboszló. The water contains in the largest quantity Sodium Chloride commonly called kitchen salt and Ammonium-Chloride commonly called “salmiac”. Its additional ingredients include bromine and iodine, carbonates, nitrates and other chemical elements, such as e.g. lithium, iron or magnesium. In the spa of Hajdúszoboszló the guests may request – in addition to bath treatments – 40 different therapies, which exert their best effect if they are applied combined with each other. The most well known therapeutic treatments of the spa include bath therapy, mud packing, weight bath, and tangential under water massage treatment. The massaging methods applied by the massage therapists further enhance the efficiency of the above mentioned treatments.

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