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Kaposvár, Hungary


The town is enclosed by the gentle knolls of the subregion called Külső Somogy from the north and by the bluff downhill forests of the other subregion Zselic from the south. Kaposvár has already been an important intersection of several traffic roads before the regulation of the River Kapos, thus being the base for any kind of development for town and its citizens.
Nowadays Kaposvár is a developing junction for rail- and public roads, having a tight connection to all the settlements of the agglomeration, as well as to further, overknoll ones. The European railway line from Budapest towards the Mediterranean (Rijeka, Split, Zagreb, Venice) leads through Kaposvár and other towns of the county.
The average of January's cold is about -0,9 °C, the heat in July is about 21,8 °C. The continental climate of the town is regularly and favourably influenced by Mediterranean impacts.
The River Kapos springs from three small branches to the south of the village Kiskorpád and the whole catchment area is collecting altogether 31 brooks, while eight further ones are running into the river inside the town and run down to the Sió Channel. The first riverbed regulation took place in 1835 but it was uncompleted so regular overflows endangered the local inhabitants by crushing damages. The final regulation was only finished after 1953.
The landscape has changed naturally, during several thousands of years, until getting its nowaday's relief and the changes will be going on in the future. At the county centre there is a geological fracture lying approximately in the east-western direction and exactly in this fracture, in the harmonic embracement of the Zselic knolls You can find the River Kapos. Its flood-plain is covered by thin layers of different Holocene sedimental formations. A large number of human settlements were founded during the ages in this riverine valley including the largest among them, nowadays called Kaposvár.
The average height of Kaposvár over the sea level takes generally 135 meters. The annual rainfall is about 700 to 720 mm, the annual average temperature takes 10,7 °C.


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