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Siófok-summer Parties At Balaton

Siófok, Hungary

Siófok-Summer parties at Balaton



Siófok is the most important and most populated centre of lake Balaton, " the hungarian sea". The city is located at the south coast of the lake, only apr 100 km from Budapest with the most extensive and most beautiful beaches around the lake. Siófok is a Mecca for young people, at the center plenty of bars, restaurants, night clubs and discotheques are given, two of them are with a capacity of more than 5 000. The most important beaches are the Gold Coast - 7 km long free beach - and the Great Beach, which can hold more than 20 000 bather and where Coca-Cola Beach House is placed (The Coca-Cola Beach House is not free). It's worth to go for short trips to Tab (14 km), Ságvár (9 km) or Som (13 km), to organize excursions to Budapest or visit Tihany, Balatonfured or Badacsony at the north coast of the lake.

The most recommended places:

Free places: Coca-Cola Beach House, La Siesta Cafe, Beach Party Cafe, Spaghetti House, Renegade Pub.
Places with entry: Palace Dance Club, Flort Club.

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