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Spa Of Bük

Bük, Hungary

Spa of Bük


The Spa of Bük, which is well-known throughout Europe, became one of the most significant medical spas of Hungary in the second part of the 20th century. The thermal waters of inestimable value, the special climate of the Sub-Alps, the sight of the well-kept settlement, the surroundings rich in sights, the accommodation facilities of a very good quality ranging from the private houses to the hotels, as well as the services of a high standard provide for a pleasant and peaceful environment where our guests can relax and recover.
The healing power of thermal waters was already known by the ancients. They devoted great care to keep both their physical and mental health. Today it is not otherwise either as the most important value is the human being whose biggest treasure is his health. We can help You with easing and relieving your complaints. However, You are not only welcome here if you wish to recover from an illness. Visit us, if You simply want to relax, feel refreshed or recharge yourself. You can regain your physical and mental harmony in Bük.
The small town of Bük having about 3000 inhabitants is situated in the western tourist region of Transdanubia, in the county of Vas, in the micro region of the Upper-Répce. This health resort lies at the meeting point of the feet of the Alps and the Small Hungarian Plain on the Répce-plains, 27 km far from Szombathely and 47 km far from Sopron. The closeness of the Austrian border means a determining factor in the development of both the spa and the region.
The climate of Bük and its surroundings has a continental character. Medium humidity and a slightly windy weather are characteristic of this region. The average annual temperature is 9,7o C. The average annual rainfall is 650 ml. Annual sunshine hours are 1900, the summers are hot. The sub-alpine character of the climate of Bük shows a lot of advantages from the viewpoint of tourism. In the surroundings there are some climatic resorts as well, like Velem or KÅ‘szeg.
The fauna is characterized by the diversity of the Pannon-Region. Bük awaits its guests and visitors with green areas, streets full with flowers and trees as well as with a pleasant climate.

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