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Szentendre-danube And Skanzen

Szentendre, Hungary

Szentendre-Danube and Skanzen



Tradition, history, culture, art and gastronomy are all present in various ways in Szentendre. We consider it very important to inform local residents and also visitors on touristic and cultural information about the town. This is why we created this mobile tour guide program in which we tried to collect the most important information and news on our town.
So if you would like to familiarize with the known and unknown treasures of Szentendre or with current events and restaurant proposals, you just need to type into the browser of your smartphone and follow the instructions there to download the application.
In the historical city centre free WIFI is available and there are also plates with QR codes at many important locations to help you with orientation. Most of the downtown plates include the most important information as an audio guide as well. These guides help you to follow the proposed tour routes that are available in the program and also to find the appropriate answers to the questions of our city knowledge game.
Walking in the Ethnographic Open Air Museum, founded on 1 February 1967, is like travelling through time. The exhibition presents Hungarian folk architecture and traditional folk lifestyle with craft and folklore shows and theatrical performances on an area of 55 hectares.
Walking in the farmers' gardens, with the houses, farm buildings, workshops and contemporary churches, visitors could feel like jumping into the buzzing streets of these old villages. It is fascinating to roam around in the world of our great-grandmothers and great-great grandfathers. Visitors can get to know the Hungarian cultural heritage with crafts that have already been forgotten or rare today, handicraft industries, traditional farmers' dishes and holidays, traditions and also the interior decoration of houses of people living in a village or market-town.

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