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Veszprém-history And Nature

Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprém-History and Nature

The historic centre of Veszprém is the castle, which - together with the surrounding town - was one of the significant centre of our country until the Turkish occupation: it was the King’s and Queen’s seat and an episcopal seat. The medieval castle and town suffered large-scale destruction in the Turkish period. The present-day historic town evolved during the town development constructions of the 18-19 th and the early 20 th century. WWII and the following period caused relatively little damage to the old centre.
The residential areas of Veszprém were visibly separated based on the social and financial situation of the population. The wealthy bourgeoisie and noblemen populated Óváros tér and the surrounding area, Jókai utca was inhabited by clerks and craftsmen.
Veszprém is a quiet and shy town. One must pay attention to it. In order to absorb its special atmosphere, one must stroll around its streets and squares, listen to the bells and observe its walls and buildings.
This is why we call your attention to the following routes, which, interestingly enough, can be combined. As the castle is always in the centre, it is impossible to lose your way.

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