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Visegrád-town Of Three Kingdoms

Visegrád, Hungary

Visegrád-town Of Three Kingdoms

The town of Visegrád is located on the no.11 main road, 43 km north of Budapest. It can be accessed by car or bus using this main road, or by boat on the Danube.

At MAHART boat station a scheduled boat service and pleasure boat service is operating. From Nagymaros direction the ferry connection provides the passenger and vehicle transport, which runs at least once an hour.

The Citadel is the widest-known element of the Visegrád fortress system (water fortress, lower fortress, and upper fortress), as the building is erected on the top of the Castle Hill, which can be seen from the distance from every direction, and it is a popular destination for Visegrád excursions and hiking tours.

The irregular-shaped fortress can be accessed through the pentagon-shaped external eastern gate tower, which is located behind the car park.

Once we proceed, we enter the external castle courtyard, presenting a magnificent view, then we continue to the lower castle courtyard and through the strong southern gate tower, we reach the inner castle courtyard. The inner castle’s lower courtyard served as the residency of the castle-guards.

The Nagy-villám Entertainment Centre offers various programs for those who are looking for an active relaxation: canopy-, bob-, mini-golf- and during wintertime, a ski slope is awaiting its customers. The Visitor Centre and tourist spot in Mogyoróhegy is very popular among those who prefer the fresh air and pleasant surroundings; also the Danube Bend Forest School and Jurta Campsite are popular.

Visegrád’s latest treasure is its thermal and mineral water, which are brought to the surface from 1400 m depth with the help of the wells of the Lepence Valley. This 39 °C thermal water supplies the swimming pool of Lepence, which was opened in 1977, where Lepencei Brook reaches the Danube. From the terraced pools of the complex, there is a beautiful view of the Danube Bend’s Dömös area.

The most beautiful and highest-level hotel of the Danube Bend, the Thermal Hotel Visegrád**** opened its gates in 2003. The thermal-, wellness- and conference hotel offers 174 rooms, an excellent restaurant, and many entertainment activities, therapies, fitness, wellness, and spa services to its visitors.

The old route was located in the Lower Castle, next to the Solomon Tower and crossing the northern tower gate built in the 13th century. Today this is the Panoráma Street northern part, and if we continue along approx. 300 m we get to the Sibrik Hill

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