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Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


Zalaegerszeg is the administrative center of Zala county in western Hungary.


Zalaegerszeg is not only the seat of Zala County and the gateway to the Göcsej region, but also one of the most dynamically developing settlements of Western Hungary. It is a town where it is good to be at home or that is worth visiting.
The information and services accessible through our website, with ever richer and colourful contents, are meant to inform you, the residents of or visitors to our town, in order to facilitate your finding your way in the everyday life of Zalaegerszeg. You can gain information about the operation of local governmental bodies and of the Mayor's Office; about major decisions and local events; how medical, educational and cultural institutions operate, and what services are rendered by the companies operating within our town; about non-governmental initiatives and an abundance of touristic and gastronomic offers. You can furthermore get an insight into the economic, cultural and sports life of Zalaegerszeg, follow the major development and investment projects with attention as well as the tenders announced and notices posted.
 We wish that these useful and interesting pieces of information presented to you would excite your curiosity and entice you to experience those read and seen personally. Visit Zalaegerszeg as often as possible. Admire this land of unparalleled beauty, enjoy the gastronomic specialities of our region, see the masterpieces of folk art and architecture, and find programmes to your liking on the varied palette of cultural events. Visit our sports facilities, spend a pleasant time in AquaCity or in the indoor thermal spa, and share your pleasant memories with others at home. You are always welcome here and can always gain numerous new experiences.
We are convinced that you can use the services offered by our website efficiently, whether you access the site from your home or via the public and free computer terminals placed in five points in the town (in the Mayor's Office, the Zala County Hospital, the College of Health Sciences, Arany Bárány Restaurant or Apáczai ÁMK). 

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