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Zalakaros-thermal Spa

Zalakaros, Hungary

Zalakaros-Thermal Spa


Zalakaros is the most flowery town of Hungary. As a health resort, the town is mainly renowned for its medicinal waters and thermal baths. Yet, the nice little town and its surroundings in the hilly landscape of Zala offer much more natural wonders and attractions. The thermal baths are the heart of Zalakaros, where every age-group can experience restoration to health and joyful bathing at a spa. 
The magic of Zalakaros is, however, not only due to medicinal waters. Come and discover all the other attractions too.
The thermal water is a 53 C° water produced by our own wells (2 pieces) working in the upper Pannon layer, and contains sodium chloride and hydrocarbonate. This thermal water, which is pronounced medicinal water in other spas, is used mainly in the pools for recreation and entertainment (beach thermal water pools, sports pool, children's pools and adventure bath) in the Zalakaros spa. All of our thermal water pools are equipped with water recirculation and filtration systems.
A comparative study was conducted in the knowledge of the main, trace and radioactive element content of the available medicinal water, comparing the domestic, Central-European and European medicinal waters of similar content. This study was conducted by the Water Management Institute in 1984-85.
The completed study covered only the main components, since the comparative data related to the trace elements and radioactive elements were not available. The main objective of the study was to determine how the medicinal water of Zalakaros was rated among the European waters, and whether the development ideas, which expected a rapid increase in the number of guests on the basis of current medical data, were reasonable.
225 medicinal waters of eleven countries were compared. The study was conducted on the basis of the Cluster-analysis that arranges into one group the medicinal waters that are the most similar to each other on the basis of their composition. As a result of the completed study it can be ascertained that the medicinal water of Zalakaros was grouped together with medicinal waters like Bad-Wiessee, Endorf, List and the Italian Salsomaggiore and Margherita di Savoia.

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